Ingest, curate, and analyze real-time streaming data with Cloudera DataFlow(CDF).

Cloudera DataFlow

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF), formerly Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF), is a scalable, real-time streaming analytics platform that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence.

Cloudera DataFlow

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) is a scalable, real-time streaming data platform that collects, curates, and analyzes data so customers gain key insights for immediate actionable intelligence. It meets the challenges faced with data-in-motion, such as real-time stream processing, data provenance, and data ingestion from IoT devices and other streaming sources.

Built on 100% open source technology, CDF helps you deliver a better customer experience, boost your operational efficiency and stay ahead of the competition across all your strategic digital initiatives.

CDF can do this within a common framework that offers unified security, governance and management.

Why Cloudera DataFlow?

CDF addresses a wide range of uses like Customer 360, data movement between data centers (on-premises and cloud), data ingestion from real-time streaming sources, log data ingestion and processing, streaming analytics, etc. CDF also addresses a wide spectrum of IoT-specific use cases like Predictive Maintenance, Asset Tracking, Patient Monitoring, Utility Monitoring, Smart Cities, etc.

CDF is the only platform in the market to offer out-of-the-box data provenance on streaming data. With an extremely strong community behind it, Apache NiFi powers CDF’s Flow Management capabilities with over 260+ pre-built processors for data source connectivity, ingestion, transformation, and content routing.

The key aspects of the CDF platform are:

Edge Data Management 

Set up hundreds of MiNiFi agents in or near edge devices to enable edge data collection, content filtering, routing etc. This allows you to take on complex, distributed use cases such as connecting hundreds of retail stores across the country or getting data from thousands of utility sensors from your consumer edge. This is going to be a significant area of investment for us given our customer interest, the industry trends and the market potential.

Flow Management 

Adopt a no-code approach to create visual flows for building complex data ingestion / transformation with drag-and-drop ease. Powered by Apache NiFi and its 260+ pre-built processors, CDF enables you to take on extremely high-scale, high-volume and high-speed data ingestion use cases with simplicity and ease.

Stream Processing 

Manage and process multiple streams of real-time data using the most advanced distributed stream processing system – Apache Kafka. Process millions of real-time messages per second to feed into your data lake or for immediate streaming analytics.

Streaming Analytics 

Analyze millions of streams of data in real-time using advanced techniques such as aggregations, time-based windowing, content-filtering etc., to generate key insights and actionable intelligence for predictive and prescriptive analytics. CDF is the only streaming platform to offer a choice of 3 different streaming analytics solutions – Apache Storm, Kafka Streams and Apache Spark Streaming.

Enterprise Services 

Leverage a common set of enterprise services for unified security, governance, and single sign-on across the entire Cloudera DataFlow platform. This makes the platform experience truly enriching when the same set of services make the interoperability between components seamless.